Name: Sopile.
Type: Double Reed > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 422.12
Country: Croatia.
Regions: Balkans & South East Europe.

Description: The sopile [or roženice, as it is called in Istria] is an ancient traditional double reed shawm, an instrument similar to oboe in appearance. It is an instrument of Croatia. It is used in the regions of Kvarner, Kastav, Vinodol, Island Krk, and Istria. Sopile are always played in pairs so there are great and small or thin and fat sopile. Sopile are musical instrument of sound very interesting possibilities and very piercing special sound. This is replicated in more modern examples of Kvarner music through use of modified double reed clarinet or soprano Dulzaina. Sopile are, by “mih” and “šurle,” today very popular in folk tradition of Istria, Kvarner and Island Krk.

The sopila is a wooden horn originating from Istria and some of the northern islands along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Sopile are always played in pairs; one larger than the other. Both have six finger holes, being equally spaced on the smaller one, and set in groups of three on the larger one. Often used to accompany dancing, the voice of the sopila is that of the Istrian scale.

Construction: Its features include double reeds made of reed and a conical bore made of several pieces of wood. Although on a first impression the roženice is very similar to the sopila from the island of Krk, there are differences between the two instruments. They vary in the exterior details in manufacturing, in reeds, in the technique of playing and in the characteristics of their sound.

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