The player’s breath is directed against a lamella or pair of lamellae which periodically interrupt the airflow and cause the air to be set in motion.

422 Reed aerophones

422.1 Double reed instruments – There are two lamellae which beat against one another.

422.11 Single oboes.

422.111 With cylindrical bore.

422.111.1 Without finger-holes.

422.111.2 With finger-holes.

422.112 With conical bore – Oboe, bassoon.

422.12 Sets of oboes.

422.121 With cylindrical bore.

422.122 With conical bore.

422.2 Single reed instruments – The pipe has a single ‘reed’ consisting of a percussion lamella.

422.21 Single clarinets.

422.211 With cylindrical bore.

422.211.1 Without finger-holes.

422.211.2 With finger-holes – Western clarinet.

422.212 With conical bore – Saxophone.

422.22 Sets of clarinets.

422.3 Reed-pipes with free reeds – The reed vibrates through at a closely fitted frame. There must be finger-holes, otherwise the instrument belongs to the free reeds


422.31 Single pipes with free reed.

422.32 Double pipes with free reeds.

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