Name: Lamzdeliai.
Type: Fipple / Duct Flute > Aerophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 421.221.12
Country: Lithuania.
Region: Baltic & North Eastern Europe.

Description: The lamzdeliai are traditional wind instruments as played in Lithuania. The instrument was popular during night, herding, at young people’s gatherings and weddings. Lamzdeliai are used to play improvised herding melodies—raliavimai, ridovimai and tirliavimai. Herders calmed their animals with these melodies, or they imitated the sounds of nature and birds. Lamzdeliai were first mentioned by J. Bretkūnas in 1580. Other tunes played on the pipes were sutartines, songs, and contemporary dances [polka, waltz, mazurka, quadrille, and march].

Citations: Lamzdeliai Flute > Lietuva [article in Lithuanian, web archive]; Lithuanian Roots: An Overview of Lithuanian Traditional Culture by Lithuanian Folk Culture Center 1998.