Hello and welcome to the museumofworldmusic.com. My name is Graeme Gibson, I am the administrator, owner and creator of this website. This website is personal endeavour and an extension of my passion for music. I make zero profit from this, what so ever. The intent of this website is to document traditional ethnic musical instruments from all over the world.

Both traditional, hybrids, experimental and modern instruments including inventions will be documented on this site. This website follows the Hornbostel-Sachs classification scheme for documenting musical instruments in their respective families and sub-categories.

I only use digital images as taken from my own camera or provided with permission from the original author of the image or if the image is contributed for this site. The text is public domain and verifiable research. I do my best to stick to the facts as discussed on my site.

Contact Me @ Graeme Gibson, Email; museumofworldmusic@gmail.com