Name: Gadulka.
Type: Bowed > Chordophones.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.321.71
Country: Bulgaria.
Region: Balkans & South East Europe.

Description: The gadulka [in Bulgarian: гъдулка] alternate spellings include “gǎdulka”, “gudulka” and “g’dulka” is a bowed instrument having three playing strings although has  up to 16 additional sympathetic strings that resonate when the instrument is played. As a direct descendant of the Byzantine lyra the gadulka resembles Lyra Politica and Cretian Lyra in its appearance and over all sound. The Thracian gadulka is the largest the Dobrujan gadulka is slightly smaller in size.

Playing Techniques: Only the main melodic strings are touched by the player’s fingers. Where the gadulka differs from the violin in both construction and playing techniques is that the players finger does not actually touch the neck.

Gadulka Tunings
Name Tunings
Dobrujan A’ / E’ / A
Gabrovo or balkan A’ / A / E’
Thracian A’ / E’ / D’
Seligra Minchev [5 strings] G / C / G / D /

Construction: The gadulka commonly has three strings, sometimes occasionally four or five Mincho Minchev having up to 16 sympathetic strings underneath the playing strings. The addition of sympathetic strings were introduced by Mincho Nedyalkov.

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