Name: Bandolin.
Type: Lute > Chordophone.
Region: Equador > South America.
Tuning: E A D F# B
Hornbostel-sach No#: 321.322

Description: The bandolin is a short necked lute, and a member of the chordophone family of musical instruments. It is a close cousin to the bandurria and the Colombian bandolla. In Ecuador the bandolin is primarily found in the Andean regions around Quito. The bandolin has a total amount of 15-strings grouped in courses of three strings each. In accompaniment to other instruments including the pito, harmonica, charango, guitar and bombo. Traditionally this instrument is played during the San Juan Festival. Melodies are performed on the 2/4 rhythm also known under the same name “San Juanito” or "Saint John".