Guitar Tunings / Africa


Guitar Tunings / West Africa
Names Nomenclature Regions Tunings
Standard * E A D G B E
Taara No. 1 C Maj 6th Mali C A D G B E
Sinquente Cix Open G Major Mali D G D G B D
Mali F A D G B E
Taara No. 2 Mali  F A D G C E
Jarabi Mali F C D G B E
Wassalou / Songhai Raised A Major Mali G A D G B E
Djeli Madi Tounkara Mali C Bb D G C F
Djeli Madi Tounkara Rentrant C# Mali C# F# B E G# C#

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Guitar Tunings / East Africa
Names Nomenclature Region Tunings
Standard E Min 11 * E A D G B E
Mi Composé E Min 11 Congo E A [d] G B E
Jean Bosco Mwenda Katanga, Congo F A D G C E
Botswana F X A C F X
Full C Uganda
Half C Uganda
LG Uganda
KG High Six Uganda
CG Uganda
Spanish Uganda E C# A E A E
D Maj 7 Tanzania D A D F# A C#
Hauyani Uganda G E C G E C
Hauyani Uganda G E C G C C

Note: The “X” denotes removed strings. Mi Composé tuning as used for Rumba and Soukous in Congo DRC, differs from the standard tuning. In which only the D string has been replaced with the bottom E string to raise the D to an entire octave.

The “Lazy D Tuning” E A D G B D as we know it in North America; is used in the genre of Maskandi music.

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