Liuto Cantabile

Name: Liuto Cantabile.
Type: Chordophones > Lutes.
Hornbostel-Sachs No#: 321.321.6
Scale Length: 610 mm or 24″ inch.
Inventor: Luthiers from the Vinaccia family & Raffaele Calace.
Country: Italy.
Region: South Europe.

Liuto Cantabile
Raffaele Calace holding a Liuto Cantabile, c. 1900 ;

Description: The liuto cantabile, or liuto modern is an uncommon 10 stringed Mandocello. This instrument functions as the bass of the family of mandolins that make up a mandolin orchestra.

The instrument overlaps or is equivalent to the mandolone and mandocello. The instrument was developed by the Neapolitan others of the Vinaccia family. The development of this instrument took pace in the late 19th century and the instrument was perfected by Raffaele Calace.

Construction: The scale of a modern Calace-manufactured liuto cantabile is [610 mm or 24″ inch] in scale length, measured from nut to bridge.

Citations: Bibliography: Paul Sparks, The Classical Mandolin, 2nd Ed. ~ Oxford University Press, 2005 pp. 33-205 ;

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