Name: Mardala.
Type: Membranophones > Drums > Barrel.
Hornbostel Sachs No#: 211.222.1
Diameter: cm.
Length: cm.
Width: cm.
Area: State of Odisha.
Country: India.
Region: South Asia.

Description: Mardala [in Odia: ମର୍ଦ୍ଦଳ Mardala] it is a double barrel drum that is native to East Indian state of Odisha. It is traditionally used as the primary percussive instrument for the ancient classical music of the state. This instrument differs from other instruments that may have similar names in the Indian sub-continent due to its unique construction, acoustic features and traditional playing technique.

History: Odisha musicologists in ancient tribes have identified four distinct kinds of instruments or “vadyas” : tat or stringed instruments, susira for wind instruments and anaddha or leather instruments and drums and finally ghana or instruments made of metal. Out of these four categories; the mardala falls under the category of Anaddha vadyas or drums. Raghunatha Ratha an ancient musicologist extols the mardala in his treatise, the Natyamanorama as ;

Playing Technique:

Repertoire: The Mardala is played in a wide range of traditional art forms in Odisha. This includes Gotipua, Mahari, Odissi Dance, Bhagabata Tungi, Sakai Nata, Prahallada Nataka, Ramalila, Krusnalila, Rama Nataka, Sahi Java, Medha Nacha, Barata Lila, Bhutakeli Nata, Odisi Kirtana and more.

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