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Welcome to the museumofworldmusic.com - This a non profit web site that is home to an amateur-musician and a private collector of ethnic, unusual, one-of-a-kind or do it your musical-instruments. All of the articles are written about the specific musical instruments that are currently accumulated in my collection. Not all of the musical instruments will be placed on the site, mainly I either do not own the instruments or I may not have enough knowledge for the instrument.

Prior to contacting me please do read my “biography page”, I believe it is only fair to inform you I am not a business person nor am I affiliated with music industry in any given capacity. Should you have any questions, suggestions or polite critiques regarding the musical instruments, their origins, history, tunings and scales ETC. Please do contact me, I will do my best to correct any article and improve upon it – Thank you.

***** Important: To those who request to have their links for the purposes of marketing. Please do respect that my site is intended for educational purposes only. Thank you.

**** Important: Please do note that all the photos on my site, are taken by my own camera, unless if other wise stated or cited the same goes for the content.

*** Important: Please note that of my musical instruments are for sale or trade.

** Important: Please understand that as an amateur musician and private collector I do not appraise musical instruments nor do I assess the value of musical instruments. Thank you.

* Important: For those who are seeking to purchase instruments, please understand I'm not a sales person. There are ample resources in the "links I like" section. I would recommend searching google for vendors and makers this would be a great place to start for finding your musical instrument.

Notice: When viewing each photo on my site click on the thumb nail of the individual musical instrument and a much larger image will appear in greater detail.

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> A Work in Progress - Please bare in mind that some images maybe missing or inactive due to some of the current updates. As soon as they are uploaded I will announce the uploads or corrections appropriate for my site. Thank you.